Moving On

There's no Ritalin for dead girls.


Breanna Banks is doing an all right job navigating high school and conquering her ADHD—until Death comes knocking. One minute she’s figuring out the social hierarchies of junior year, the next she’s dead of an aneurysm. Talk about girl, interrupted.

Rather than moving onward, Bree’s been selected to become an Attendant, a supernatural being who helps people’s spirits transition into the hereafter. Her mentor, Dee, informs Bree she has little time to figure the job out, because a major disaster is on the horizon. Thousands of people are about to die, and every Attendant is needed to support them, even the brand-new ones. Bree needs to be at the top of her game; if an Attendant can’t help a dying person transition, their spirit remains Earthbound and triggers the sort of unnatural mass die-off that kills hundreds of nearby creatures in an instant. There’s just one thing—Bree can barely manage her homework, never mind the final moments of a person’s life. And what’s she going to do about the guy who makes her undead heart come to life, even though he’s still very much alive?

Overwhelmed by grief from everything she’s lost and for the future she’ll never get, Bree doubts she’ll ever be able to push her own problems aside and put others first. But with countless lives on the line, Bree will have to fulfill a destiny she didn’t ask for before tragedy strikes. Moving On is an #ownvoices novel that mirrors some of the author’s experiences being diagnosed with, and learning to manage and even benefit from, ADHD.