The Scythian Legacy

Scythians, a stronger species of human, protect humanity while secretly fighting a war with the Drahzda, an army of criminals and mercenaries hell-bent on hunting the Scythians to extinction.


For years, Killian McCrea watched Nya Thalestris from afar, waiting for his chance to pursue her as his mate. But during their Trials, Nya chose another. Unable to move on, Killian vows to help Nya and get closure by commanding the task force tracking the genetic material taken from her years ago.

Empath Katrina LaCroix’s ability to blend in with the general population while sensing when the enemy is near makes her an incredible asset for Killian’s team. When unexpected desire blooms between them, Killian resents her capacity to sense what he feels. After a botched mission, he realizes his feelings for Kat are deeper than physical attraction.

But he’s asking for more than she’s willing to give, and as the Drahzdan war rages, Kat discovers a revelation that could rock the Society’s foundation. With her life on the line, and time running out, even his skills might not be enough to save her.

The Scythian Trials, Scythian Series, Book 1