Wind Blowing on Embers

Wind Blowing on Embers
A Falling on Embers Novel, Book 2

By Liana Gardner


How do you find happiness when you've lost
everything you've ever known?

After surviving two harrowing days lost in the hills being stalked by predatory creatures, Katie McCabe must deal with her anger toward the town bully who abducted her and a world that has fallen apart. Things change for the better when her best friend shows up, until she learns he is a fugitive, hiding from the law. To make matters worse, her friendship with Logan causes tension and she might have to choose between her life-long friend and a new friend who wants something more.

Sarah cautions Katie about letting anyone else know of her feelings toward Logan and shares how their cousins ran off her first love. When Sarah announces her engagement, Katie feels abandoned and more like an outsider than ever. Even her best friend fits into the family better than she does.

The town bully wants nothing more than to exact his revenge when the family refuses to drop the charges against him. When he catches Katie alone, the only question is who will be left standing.

Rain Falling on Embers, Book 1