Artwork by: Sam Shearon
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From the author of the 2 million copy bestselling Sarah Roberts series who on multiple occasions outranked Stephen King and Dean Koontz on the Amazon Most Popular Top 100 Authors list, comes the next installment of a chilling, sci-fi thriller rooted in science.

"Saul knows how to ratchet up the tension and keep pages turning …”
~Publishers Weekly



Jake Wood has it made. He is a tough homicide detective with a partner who’s like a brother, and he’s about to marry the girl of his dreams.

Then Jake learns a close friend is missing and travels to South America in search of him. After a freak accident in the Amazon Rainforest, Jake wakes up in the hospital—eighteen months later. Long presumed dead, he discovers his fiancée is married and pregnant, his house was sold, his job is gone, and his partner transferred to another city to become lead detective on a serial killer case.

Jake buys a cabin in the woods and tries to leave the world behind, until his home is broken into and he discovers he was targeted—but why? When Jake’s former partner requests his aid in catching the Blood Eagle Killer, he offers to help find whoever is behind Jake’s recent trouble.

This leads to Fortech Industries, a pharmaceutical company secretly researching a way to create an immortal gene. Now they intend to destroy their only error—Jake Wood—who has become something more than human.


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“Jonas Saul crafts a heart-pounding read from the start. It's rare to find a thriller that remains true to the buildup of suspense, tension, and conflict that the genre embraces. The Immortal Target deserves a prominent place in any library strong in either sci-fi or thrillers.” ~Midwest Book Review

Jake Wood is a desperate man. After losing the love of his life, his career, and going through life-altering physical changes, he’s now facing murder charges.

Fortech Industries, the pharmaceutical company behind The Immortal Gene, aim to put an end to Jake any way they can. They start by going after the people closest to him.

Hunted by both Fortech and the police, Jake must find a way to stop Fortech’s brutal attack and get the authorities off his tail.

Going to extreme measures, Jake discovers something that could take Fortech down forever, but not before learning he isn’t the only carrier of the immortal gene … and nobody lives forever.

“I'd recommend this book to lovers of the thriller and suspense genres, particularly when tinted with a bit of sci-fi, and anyone else just looking to get lost in a one-of-a-kind piece of roller coaster fiction.” ~Jamie Michele, Goodreads #17 Top Reviewer in the United Kingdom

“I am an avid reader of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and Jonas Saul won me over with this book.” ~Amazon Reviewer

"There are good reasons for Jonas Saul's best-selling author brand, and The Immortal Gene provides all the proof anyone could need. What starts out as a straightforward crime/serial killer thriller, becomes a sci-fi, horror thriller that will please fans of all the above-mentioned genres. Saul writes with an authoritative knowledge of biology, the many facets of zoology, criminal justice, and plain ol' writing skills." ~Lex Allen, Award-Winning Author, Germany

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The Immortal Gene is a thriller that is both chilling and mesmerizing. Fast paced and highly interesting, [this] is the kind of book you would want to read in one sitting … and will surely leave any reader breathless. Jonas Saul is a master storyteller. His characters are realistic and bigger than life. And as you follow Jake's transformation into something more than human, you will be astounded that this fantastic story can indeed happen in real life.” ~Maria Beltran, Cebu Daily News, Philippines