By Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington


This dark and twisty techno-thriller unmasks the terrifyingly real and tangibly close future of humanity. We are on the brink of omniviolence.


You have been warned.

Jackson Cross kills strangers with nothing more than a drone and a computer in exchange for crypto—all from his mother’s basement.

After his accounts are scythed, and he’s pegged at the top of the most popular slaysite, Jackson is ejected from his virtual comfort zone and forced to go on the run.

Joseph “Bones” Carboni is an old-school mafia hitman with a lot of demons and one big problem: he’s developed a conscience.

When tasked with slaying fifteen-year-old Jackson, Joe breaks rank. Now, he must decide if playing the hero is worth having a target on his own back.

Attacked from all sides and struggling to survive in a world where your elderly neighbor or an angry kid on social media can be your executioner, neither Joe nor Jackson realize they’ve become entangled in a global power struggle that could change what it means to be human.

Near-future speculative fiction with a dose of satire, Omniviolence explores the consequences of the democratization of technology, cryptocurrency replacing fiat, cancel-culture bleeding into the streets, the total disbanding of government, and the disenfranchisement of the next Generation—Generation Alpha.