River of Wrath (St. Benedict, Book 2) by Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor

River of Wrath

River of Wrath
A St. Benedict Novel, Book 2

By Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor
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“The dynamic duo of Weis and Astor make magic together. A wholly evocative world propels this small-town mystery to epic heights. Highly recommended.” ~BestThrillers

More secrets are about to be uncovered, beginning with the arrival of a handsome stranger, and the discovery of bones long buried beneath the river …

Leslie Moore is struggling to get through her last semester at St. Benedict High. Even her relationship with her boyfriend Derek is falling apart. But after receding floodwaters from the Bogue Falaya River expose the bones of a woman, Leslie becomes obsessed with tracking down the killer.

Sightings of an apparition haunting The Abbey send Leslie and her friends back to the scene of the horrors from last Halloween, but no one is prepared for what they find.

After a stranger—the handsome Luke Cross—arrives in town, another girl goes missing, and the sheriff suspects the newcomer is hiding something. Leslie believes the Devereaux family is connected to everything going wrong in St. Benedict. And she means to uncover the truth, no matter the cost.

Not all secrets can be kept silent. Some eventually find their way home.

* * *

“Not only has everything changed since Leslie Moore’s deal with the devil, but so has she. Readers needn't have prior familiarity with book I to appreciate this continuation—but they should. Together, the two books present an intense series of events that are intrinsically woven on many levels, questioning the evolution of heroes, psychopaths, and family connections that not only bind, but damage. A special recommendation for those interested in not just murder mysteries, but the underlying influences that create criminal psyches and victims alike.” ~Midwest Book Review

some secrets you bury.
some secrets bury you.