Sam Davis


Sam Davis is an author, community volunteer, and former teacher. Born in Georgia, Sam went to high school in Big Sky country Montana and returned to the South to graduate summa cum laude from Auburn University in Elementary Education with a focus on Spanish language studies. Sam studied at the Centro Bilingue in Cuernavaca, Mexico and taught at Disney’s innovative Celebration School in Orlando, Florida. Sam attended the Horizon School of Evangelism in San Diego, California, with an extended practicum in Juarez, Mexico as translator. Sam also completed the Institute for Children’s Literature. Sam currently lives in Texas with her husband and three daughters. Her writings have been featured on the women’s blog, Life As We Learn It, for which she was Co-Managing Editor. Sam’s debut novel was RYAN REVISITED. In addition to her YA historical/steampunk novel series, LIKE FIRE AND POWDER, Sam is currently writing another historical novel series.