South of Happy (Katie McCabe, Book 2) by Liana Gardner Temp Cover

South of Happy

How do you find happiness when you've lost
everything you've ever known?

After a harrowing ordeal of being lost in the hills and stalked by predatory creatures, Katie McCabe must deal with her anger toward Denton, the town bully, who left her in the middle of nowhere for days to survive alone.

With her world falling apart, things appear to take a turn for the better when Katie’s best friend visits, until she learns he’s running from the law. To make matters worse, her friendship with Logan causes tension and she might have to take sides between them.

Katie has bigger problems though as Denton wants nothing more than to pay her back for having him arrested, but she’s not backing down. When he catches Katie alone, the only question is—who will be left standing.

Rain Falling on Embers, Book 1
Going Up in Flames, Book 3
Down to Mercy, Book 4

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South of Happy (Katie McCabe, Book 2) Information Sheet

Praise for Rain Falling on Embers (Katie McCabe, Book 1)

“This captivating tale of human endurance is a wonderful read for both young and old.” ~Booktrib

“A cleverly plotted novel with a strong, memorable protagonist. Highly recommended!” ~The Wishing Shelf (UK)

“As Rain Falling on Embers follows Katie McCabe’s adaptation and spunky response to adversity, it proves a solid attraction not only for elementary-level libraries and readers seeking a blend of adventure and psychological insight, but for preteen book discussion circles. Kids ages 9-12 will find in Katie a rebellious spirit that masks an underlay of grief and growth, and will relish her ability to survive new circumstances and demands for different reactions to life.” ~Midwest Book Review

“A realistic, heartfelt, and serious drama the likes of which I’ve never seen in middle-grade fiction before.”
~K.C. Finn, USA Today Bestselling author

“Katie’s beautiful yet difficult personality is portrayed with authenticity and integrity. This powerful novel shows that a child can endure loneliness, change, and loss.” ~Emma’s Insights

“The story took several unpredictable turns that brought out Katie’s tenacity. Those who like defiant, strong female characters will enjoy watching Katie’s antics.” ~Readers’ Favorite