The Hungry Ghost

The Hungry Ghost

By Dalena Storm


She'll eat you up.


A hungry ghost escapes from a dark realm into the human world, where it enters the unconscious body of a woman named Sam. When Sam appears to miraculously awaken from her accident-induced coma, her lesbian lover, alcoholic ex-husband, and well-meaning family must come together to try and stop the ghost from devouring everything Sam once loved.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Boston, a mysterious new kitten has just been born who holds the key to understanding what has happened to Sam. Will Sam’s loved ones be able to put things back in their proper place, or will the ghost destroy them first?

"Storm's symbolic treatment of unrequited lust is both page-turning and full of surprises." —Kirkus

"More than just a terrifying take on the possession trope; it is also an intimate look at our connection to loved ones that includes an LGBTQ-positive frame and lots of rescue cats." —Booklist