Vesuvian Entertainment

A Books-to-Film Multimedia Corporation


Vesuvian Entertainment, a division of Vesuvian Media Group, Inc. (VMG), is comprised of veteran producers and development executives with a proven track record of success.

As with both the film and music industries, publishing has undergone a radical shift in recent years. Unlike the old model, authors now have greater independence and ownership of content. Strong hybrid authors now power their own destiny. A parallel can be drawn to the Hollywood system where resources and distribution models are now providing avenues of exposure that circumvent the studio system.

With the entertainment industry constantly on the lookout for the next big thing – the world of hybrid authors and their books has become an obvious place to turn.

Enter Vesuvian Entertainment: a conduit between two vast worlds. Through long established alliances, Vesuvian Entertainment has access to premium content, ahead of the competition, of which select IP, as well as original material, will be brought into feature film and television production. Furthermore, VMG has the resources to develop projects in-house, giving writers’ greater control over their work. Vesuvian Entertainment is also set up to maximize merchandise and licensing thus creating multiple revenue streams powered by the fandom that the in-house authors already command.

Consumers always have and always will be looking for sources of entertainment. The delivery systems afforded them are diverse and varied. The hybrid publishing world is exploding with individual voices, new ideas, and ever-growing fan bases. Vesuvian Entertainment, alongside Vesuvian Books, is taking the next step to serving these audiences and fans by expanding their stories into film, television, and digital content.

VMG has a first look deal with Los Angeles-based Boilermaker Entertainment. Founded by Phil Conserva and Louis Shaw Milito, they are veteran producers from 15 years of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)—the longstanding #1 show in the world. Other credits include directing episodes of CSI, GOTHAM (FOX) and LUCIFER (FOX). Currently, Milito is producing Superman and Lois for The CW Network.