2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition Quarterfinalists

2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition Quarterfinalists

Vesuvian Titles reached the quarterfinals in the following categories:
Horror — Dark Country, Sisters of the Moon
Adventure — 7th Grade Revolution

Here is the complete list of Quarterfinalists:

“Just Another Girl on the Road” S. Kensington
7th Grade Revolution Liana Gardner
80 Years Till Death: Sex, Drugs, and Osteoporosis JP LeRoux
A Blind Eye Alan Larson
A Feigned Madness Tonya Mitchell
A Fondness for Beetles Rebekah Heaney
A Heart on the River John Bauer
A-Luring We Will go Barbara Milton
Acts of Hope: Part 2 of The Inquisition Trilogy Martin Elsant
Ahriman’s Mirror Dawn Peterson
Alaska Flight Betty Kuffel
Algorythmic Larry Rosenthal
All Creatures Here Below Ryan Stevens
All Junkies Float Clarke Wainikka
All the Pretty Shoes Marianne R Klein
All Their Yesterdays Karen Mireau
Amarok Angela Townsend
American Female: A true tale of adventure Emily Timmerman
Among Kings Joey O’Connor
And For Your Information Denise Deegan
And One Day My Stars Will Burn Damon Ferrara
Angus MacBain and The Island Of Sleeping Kings Angela Townsend
Asher and Stacey’s Magnificent Road Trip Stacey Cohen-Maitre
Aurora and the Thief Becky Bird
Autumn’s Captive Kelda Poynot
Bad Elf John Rae
Bear Trap Cullen Thomas
Before the Court of Heaven Jack Mayer
Ben, The Boy From Nowhere Ian Hart
Beneath Simon James Wood
Benson Family Secrets Sean Armstrong
Best Interests of the Child Paul Bouchard
Beyond Belief – Heroes of the Holocaust Dee White
Bird and Shadow Mhairead MacLeod
Black Donnelly, Rats and Pigs Fergus Egan
Black Hands In Red Lands Larry Baer
Black, White, and Red All Over Deeann Mathews
Blessed are the Heroes Ed Mattson
Blood & Bitcoin L.A. Witt
BloodLaw Blaise Ramsay
Bocas a novel Thomas M. Barron
Bough Breaks Katherine Vaz
Breaking Twig Deborah Epperson
Breathe Eileen Hornback
Breathe Brionna Nijah
Bunker 10 Jan-Andrew Henderson
Cam & Beau Maria Cichosz
Came A Creature David Dalessandro
Captive Loraine Anderson
Censorettes Elizabeth Bales Frank
Chasing Nirvana Ellyn Oaksmith
Children of the Revolution Trevor Colgan
Chilly Robert Sweet
City of Bridges – The Seven Portals series Andre Jones
Clean Burn Karen Sandler
Cleaning Up Finn Sarah M. Chen
Colombo: The unsolved murder Don Capria
Cormorant Lake Faith Merino
Couldn’t Quit Alan Mack
Coyote: Evelyn’s Tribulation Glenn Garrett
CrossTown Loren Cooper
Crown Prince: Book One of New Blood W.D. Kilpack III
Crushing The Red Flowers Jennifer Voigt Kaplan
Da Vinci’s Last Supper: The Forgotten Tale Paul Arrowsmith
Damned Reflections Julian Coleman
Dancing with Demons Nidhie Sharma
Dark Country Monique Snyman
Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears David Benson
Dart Dale Renton
Deadly Spin Betty Kuffel
Dear Caroline… Ralph Yourie
Death is a Grizzly Joel Graves
Death of a Bounty Hunter Jay Sherer & Nathan Scheck
Deb Dawson Psychic & Spiritualist Keith McCabe
Dewdrops Dan Flanigan
Dickbird and The Specials Conor Hanney
Difficult Lies Christopher Werkman
Dil Bahar Farah Ahamed
Dragon’s Mist Randy Cruts
Dreamshaker and the Curse of Lykis Blake Smart
Drown ‘Em Like Puppies Maria Wickens
Earnest Ink Alex Hall
Earth To Andromeda: Hurtling Toward Calamity Christie Allen
East of the Cookie Tree Michael J. Vaughn
Electric Laughter – Novel Susan Hahn
Elephant in a Safeway Bag Roderick Stevens
Enfant Terrible Gwydhar Gebien
Exciti Dalia Alnuaimi
Far Away Bird Douglas Burton
Felix Grey and the Descendant Mario Theodorou
Fence of Earth Suzanne McConnell
Finding Nine Susan Langhorst
First Do No Harm Kurt Avard
Fool’s Run Sidney Williams
For Dying Out Loud: Adventures in Hollywood, Healthcare, and Forgiveness Alexandra Free
Four Dead Queens Astrid Scholte
Gearteeth Timothy Black
Get Idiota Nate Granzow
Gichi Manidoo Charles J. Musser
Gifted: The Story of a Young Genius Nishad Gumaste
Girl of a Thousand Shadows Jennifer Coryell
Glass Onion David Yurkovich
Gllu Boy and The Seven Abominations William Waxman
Gordath Wood Patrice Sarath
Great Isaac Light Doug Sherr
Greenbrier Phyllis Wilson
Gumbo Justice Holli Herrle-Castillo
Hanna the President’s Daughter John Denison
Hard Cider- a novel Barbara Stark-Nemon
Hard Red Winter Alan Larson
Hattie McCoy and the Soul Wells Brian Bull
Headless Tristram Lowe
Heckler Jason Graff
Helmet Head John Noreen
Hide Jan-Andrew Henderson
Hiding from the Flying Man William Parolini
High Moor Graeme Reynolds
His Name Was Ezra Craig Moody
Ho Ho Ho Ulvrik “Wolf” Kraft
Hockey Camp Hero John Blair
Honor Camp Unnamed
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer Laura Becker
I Am Ed Rebecca Akerlund
I Never Lie Jody Sabral
I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol Joanne Rose
Illa’s Journey Maja Simeoni Sruk
Images of Broken Light Michael Di Leo
In Memoriam Steven Lundgren
In the Basement N. Padilla
In the Mouth of the Lion Jeff Guenther
In the Shadow of Dora: A Novel of the Holocaust and the Apollo Program Patrick Hicks
In Times of Silence Chrys Tillman
Infinite Vector Matthew Kohnen
Iva: The True Story Of Tokyo Rose Mike Weedall
Ivory Rangers Joseph Mujwit
JAGO Keith Austin
Jesus on the Dashboard Lisa Murphy Lamb
Joe Smith John FitzGerald
Journey to the Giants Monica Evans
July Seventeenth Kim Ko
Juna’s Jar Jane Bahk
Keeping Up With Jones Cassie Poormokhtar
Killfluencers Denise Deegan
Knives Kelly Ellis
L.A. Kills Jason McAfee
Lady Roosevelt’s Moonshine Library Ryan Byrnes
Life is Easy Sharon Hayes-Martin
Lifewalla – Inspired by true events Nina Joshi Ramsey
Lifted Nathan Moore
Lost Girls Ellen Birkett Morris
Love & Homegrown Magic Patricia Bossano
Making Manna Eric Lotke
Marguerite and Family Linette Arthurton Bruno
Maya in the Nimbus Valley, the City of forggoten Spirits Albina Ramey
Maybe There Are Witches Ben Lohman
Merlin of the Magnolias Gardner Landry
Merlin Raj and the Santa Algorithm P A
Metalmorphosis Novel Andrew McLinden
Mexizona (An American Dream) Alan Larson
Mile High Jiggered Barry Schnell
Miracle at Zakynthos Deno Seder
Moonflower Angela Townsend
Ms. Never Colin Dodds
My Big Heart-Shaped Fail cindy callaghan
My Cat is a Dog (MCIAD) Mohja Rhoads
My Favorite Teacher is a Pirate Annie Palmer
My Heart Transplant For Your Amusement Vince Clews
My Life as a Star Ruth Kaufman
My Teenage Dream Ended Farrah Abraham
My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale Sephe Haven
My Wife’s Husband: A Family Thriller Eugene Davis
Near Death Rich Hosek, Loyd Auerbach & Arnold Rudnick
Newman’s Choice Mark Connelly
Neworld Papers Keith Shaw
Night Shot J. Madison Johnston
Nina’s Spiral Rosanne Limoncelli
Novus Arcanum Michael Maxwell
On the Charles Laurel Kratochvila
Once in a Blood Moon Dorothea Bonneau
Original Sins Bill Mesce, Jr.
Ox Bridger Randy Neale
Panorama Christina Upton
Patron Saints of Lost Causes Vandana Khanna & Blas Falconer
Pawn Of The Gods Andrea Franco Cook
Pendulum Richard T. Lynch
Perpetual Motion Cassy Phoenix
Piano Soldier Josephine Thomas
Plain Princess Jane Jennifer Milne
Plastic Phoenix Kyle McGraw
Playing Cupid Samantha Alban
Playing The Changes George Collins
Pretending You’re Mine Marie Higgins
Private Good Luck Sherwin Gluck
Quarantined Ann Hirsch
Quest Marcia Zina Mager
Reckoner Douglas Rappaport
Reclamation Gregory Beam
Redacted J. Andrew Rutledge
Resort Andrew Daley
Rocky Mountain High (Smoke Above Treeline) steven schlozman
Royal Beauty Bright Ryan Byrnes
Ruby’s Revenge Christine Gallagher
Ryder Jacob Cherney
Sacrificed Robert Bridge
Sandman Tammy Bird
Saving Sophie Debbie Schrack
Saving the Light at Chartres Victor Pollak
Scorched Earth: Peacekeeping in Timor during a campaign of death and destruction Tammy Pemper
Seven Versions of the Death of Big Ed Delahanty Richard Barrington
Sharks in the Valley Travis Kennedy
Sheet Music Debby Mayer
Shimmers Jonathan Strecker
Sight Unseen Susan Mac Nicol
Sing Sweet Sparrow Angela Townsend
Sisters of the Moon Alexandrea Weis
Some Awful Cunning Joe Ricker
Son of Death Shandra Snyder-Beuch
Song of the Shaman Annette Vendryes Leach
Splintered State Justin Kinney
Tactical Action Squad – Bushfire Emergency Tim Mac
Tatiana and the Russian Wolves Stephen Evans Jordan
Teaching While Black: A New Voice on Race and Education in New York City Pamela Lewis
Tears and Trombones Nanci Lee Woody
Temple of Eternity Scott Boyer
That’s Probably Really Ironic Yashaswini Singh
The Achilles Factor Marianne Joyce
The Ancestor Lee Matthew Goldberg
The Ancient Chronicles: The Newborn Richard Delgado
The Art of Elodie Michelle Luke
The Big Finish Brooke Fossey
The Big Tilt Dan Flanigan
The Big Wow Chantal Boccaccio
The Bigwigs Joshua Henaman
The Boy Who Never Give (A Refugee’s epic journey to triumph) Emmanuel Taban
The Bridge Across Times Giuliana Sica
The Café on Dream Street Adriane Brown
The Cherry Harvest Lucy Sanna
The Christmas Samaritan Mary Freeman
The Cost of Living M.L. Pressman
The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military Tim Bakken
The Crossingway Lynn Elliott
The Daffodil Society T.D. Johnston
The Endless Day: Reporting From an Alternate Reality Teague Wilson
The Entity: 2147 David A Collier
The Entity: Climate Change 2647 David A. Collier
The Extraction List Manuscript Renee Meland
The False Men Mhairead MacLeod
The Games Austin Daniel
The Ghost of Cashmere Quincy A. Mosley
The Girl at the Hanging Tree Mary Gray
The Girl Who Strayed Sofia Ashdown
The Greatest Journey Andhra S. Gomes
The Humanist Kenneth Allen
The Invisible Runner Dennis Haseley
The Journey Home Becky Bird
The Judas Apocalypse Dan McNeil
The Khardian Gate Richard McEwen
The King of Con: How a Smooth-Talking Jersey Boy Made and Lost Billions, Baffled the FBI,

Eluded the Mob, and Lived to Tell the Crooked Tale

Natasha Stoynoff & Thomas Giacomaro
The Last Man of Thebes Michael Colucci
The Last Wife Amy Asbjørnsen
The Legend of Bluebeard: A True Tale of Murder, Magnificence and Madness Valerie Ogden
The Lies We Tell Laura McCluskey
The Liquidator Iain Parke
The Long Reach of the Ancient Gods Beverly A. Jackson
The Long Wave Tom Dreyer
The Lost Coast Scott Lipanovich
The Magus World Gannon G Kenney
The Man with Lightning in His EYe Sid Gateaux
The Mood For Trouble Meredith Spears
The Other One Chrysler Szarlan
The Passion Experiment Rebekah Faubion
The Path of the Righteous Hernando Romero
The Prairie Bridesmaid Daria Salamon
The Pros & Cons of Happily Ever After Rebekah Faubion
The Queue L Michael Hager
The Raven’s Conjuring: Dreams of Desolation Miguel Garcia
The Roach Rhett Bruno
The Road to Angeland Kay Olsen
The Ropewalk John Knauf
The Rules of Action Landon J Napoleon
The Salvaged & The Forgotten Daniel G. Doyle
The Schrödinger Man Strul Fieldgrass
The Seven Experiments Steve Kanicki
The Shadow Of Ascension Robin McConnell
The Shells at Night Robert Sancrainte
The Shop on Luna Crescent Aimée Kwan
The Sleepers Sydney Raeburn-Power
The Social Program Brent Delaney
The Society Ariel Heart
The Speaker Gail Webber
The Suirlang Chronicle: Lee M. J. Solomon
The Taming of the Devil Dog – Titan (An Exorcism) Joshua Stewart
The Temple of the Graces T.D. Johnston
The Tiny Giant Christopher Newcomb
The Tree, A Journey to Freedom Minnette Coleman
The Trophy Room Alison Quigley
The Uniform Gabby Gruen
The Venetian and the Rum Runner L.A. Witt
The Weight of It All Wendy Baldwin
The Wild Inside Christine Carbo
There’s Nothing Normal About Us Art Blount
These Rebel Waves Sara Raasch
They gave me the electric chair and i gave it back. Bobbie Robinson
Thicker Than Water Geoffrey Carter
Time Trap: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 1 Micah Caida
Titanium Clare Houston
To Live Is To Die Joanne Rose
Triptych J.M. Frey
Tura – A Gambler’s Diary Marianne R. Klein
Twisted Joanne Carlton
Two Good Men: Carmichael Saga Elisabeth Cannell
Two Mutts Matthew Remakus
Unconquered Warrior Jeanette Nicely
Unlashed Reb Schuster
Unloved, a love story Katy Regnery
Unnatural Relations Casey B Dolan
Valkyrie’s Kiss Michael Alcorn
Village Idiots Michael Angelella
Virginia thayer joyce
Waltzing with the Dragons Juliette Triozon
Western Sunset Karin Bishop
When We’re Young Amanda ReCupido
Where The Dirt Road Meets The Blacktop Rose Wilson
Where We Go From Here Matthew Haynes
Whiteout Christopher Robin Hood
Winner! Winner! Scott Edelen
Wizard Island Child of the Orb Terry Morris
Wonderland DownUnder Corinne MacKenzie
You Decide Robert Wolff
You Don’t Have to Die in the End Anita Daher
Zombelina Atong Alor
Zombietown Matthew Nicholls

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